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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Oh no. The snow keeps everything nice and warm," replied her mother with a kiss.
Davis, the portly butler, advanced and opened the front door.
" Being above the snow doesn't keep me nice and warm, Mother," called back Rosella as she ran laugh­ing down the steps into the icy north wind, which blew her dark hair out to its full length and heightened the warm colour in her cheeks.
" Make haste, and you'll be there in half-an-hour." Mrs. Silverton returned to her boudoir, and stand­ing at the bow-window followed with loving eyes the graceful little red figure, until at a bend in the road it turned, gaily waved a farewell, and was lost to sight.
When Rosella reached the moor the high wind was against her, blowing her frock between her knees and making her eyes water. " This way will be very difficult and unpleasant," she thought to herself. " I'd far rather go round by the hill, and then, too, I could see if Grandfather has got the Snow Castle on the top finished and ready for to­morrow—I forgot about that when Mother said to go across the moor. I should so like to see it —I wonder if I might! "
She stood irresolute for a moment, then left the straight path and started running, in order to save time, in the other direction: thus making for the hill which she intended to climb.
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