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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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The sun became obscured, and what was worse, down from the leaden yellow sky tiny snowflakes began to flutter as though in play, rapidly increasing in size and volume until, as if by magic, Rosella found herself enveloped in a blinding snowstorm that obscured the landscape, and decided her to re­turn home. But returning home was not so easy as turning herself round, and she soon had the grow­ing conviction that no matter which way she turned she was lost, utterly lost: for all that she could see was that she no longer seemed to be dressed in red, but was thickly coated in white.
Twice she tripped over the uneven ground, but she stumbled along hopefully and bravely, and even tried to sing, only the snowflakes got into her mouth and made her shut it up tight.
Rosella had no idea where she was, and she felt very tired. How she wished now she had gone straight forward! There would have been no difficulty about that. By good luck she came close up to a large piece of overhanging rock ; she did not remember ever seeing it before, so she was more than ever confused as to the whereabouts of the hill or of anything ; but it was good for shelter. She placed her muff in a niche above her head, and sat down to rest awhile and consider what she had best do.
The wind howled around her only partially
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