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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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air, and on top of it was set a crown of carved ice that reminded her of their chandelier in the drawing-room.
He did the honours by offering her some snow broth, which she declined. Then she thought she ought to say something, so she remarked, with a touch of family pride—
" I had no idea that Grandfather had built such a fine place as this."
"I think the credit is entirely mine," protested her companion with an amused chuckle. " / provide the material, you see, or there would have been no k fine place' at all. See my point ?"
" Yes, your Majesty," she assented, for she knew it wasn't polite to argue—especially with a royal personage.
" This way !" he exclaimed, and led her down another passage on the right, and halted to push open a swing door of ice a little way, and genially patted her on the cheek—which was kindly meant no doubt, but his touch nipped her with cold so that she shivered.
" I shall be on guard outside. If you want me, call me !" Almost as soon as she heard the words the heavy door swung to behind her, and she found herself alone in a great, white, glistening hall with high arches open to the air. Evidently it was
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