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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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attract his attentionóbut it would not go through. It stuck there and closed out her view. Try as she would she could not release it; and with a gulp in her throat she realised she would have to leave it. Her hands grew terribly cold without it, and it was too draughty to remain there.
From the landing on which she stood steps led up higher, so she proceeded to explore, and found herself in an octagonal turret chamber. " I sup≠pose it serves me right, and I am lost, and there's no one to help me ! " sighed Rosella.
" Oh yes there is !"
" Whose voice is that ? " she asked. She could see no oneóbut at the same moment a sunbeam pierced through an aperture, pointed straight at what appeared to be a lift behind a slender column, and then faded away. It was a lift, made of ice and snow, as was everything else in the Castle. Rosella entered it and took a seat. The lift at once began gently and slowly to go down, down, first into the foundations of the Castle, and then into the interior of the hill right down under the snow, till it stopped in a Grotto lined with cobwebs and suffused with a mysterious green light. There was a soft, singing sound, as though made by the wind. In front was a frozen lake, and the ice of it was green from the same strange light.
" I must try and find my way to Grandfather,"
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