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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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said Rosella vaguely as she wandered about the Grotto, looking about her for a way out.
Mrs. Silverton kept glancing anxiously at the clock and at the snowstorm. Davis entered. " Madam," said he, with an usually solemn face, " Mr. Silverton has telephoned again from the Moat House that Miss Rosella hasn't arrived."
" Then she must have lost her way !" exclaimed her mother, now thoroughly alarmed. " Though I don't see how she could, keeping straight across the moor to the Moat House gate at the end of the path. We must set out, Davis, and find her."
" Difficult this weather, Madam, if our young lady is lost on the moor."
" Is it still so bad ? "
" The storm's not so thick as it was. I'll go immediately. There's no time to be lost, to my thinking, Madam."
" Yes, we'll go at once, Davis."
Mrs. Silverton, pale with anxiety, sent other messengers in various directions, and then started off herself. On the moor she met another search party headed by old Mr. Silverton and his faithful collie dog. And the moor rang with anxious cries of "Rosella! Rosella!" uttered by whitened shadowy figures that looked like phantoms in the falling snow.
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