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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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glad to see you. Perhaps you would kindly help me to find my way ? "
" If you keep on going to the right, when you see the snowdrops' mother, there you will find your landmark."
" Oh, do please tell me more clearly. What did you say ? Tell me where I "—but Rosella was again alone in the green grotto with the sleeping baby-fairies in their swaying hammocks, and the soft music of the wind. " Surely there can't be any grown-up snowdrops at Christmas—it's too early! —and I shall be losing my way for weeks !" con­tinued Rosella. Nevertheless, she kept on turning to the right through upward passages first of rock, then of sand, in which were embedded deep grow­ing roots, then of soil with its minerals, broken up leaves, and corpses of insects which she didn't like at all; then through a passage lined with true red soil, where little grubs were lying fast asleep in their nests.
" You ugly grubby little things!" remarked Rosella as she passed them.
" They are only lying low at present. They will be lovely Painted Ladies and visit the court of Fairy Spring," replied Love of Goodwill, hovering again at her side. " And look ! There are the baby snow­drops asleep in their earthy cots. They, too, will awake soon and get up. I helped their mother to
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