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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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get up as she was in such a hurry to see the world. I'm afraid she will have got nipped by King Frost for her impatience. Farewell—I must go and see what is happening."
Rosella followed the sunbeam—into which the Sprite had vanished—and at once felt the keen air blowing on her face, and knew she was above ground once more. Everything was all white again. She sat down upon a piece of rock to rest, and noticed the sunbeam pointing straight at a little woe-begone snowdrop sticking up out of the snow before her. And to her joy the Snow Man was close by calling " Rosella ! Rosella ! " in the echo's anxious tone she had heard before—so he must have wanted her then, badly.
" Yes, your Majesty !" she murmured.
He bent over her kindly. " There, little lady," he continued, " drink some of this now !" and some­thing cold yet stinging was poured gently down her throat.
" Thank you, your Majesty. I did feel tired and queer, but your snow broth has made me all right." She said it quite gratefully. Then her eyes opened wide and she cried in amazement—
" Grandfather! Why it's you! You were the Snow Man all the time! And look! there's my muff up there that I left in the wall! "
" But for that sticking up we might never have
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