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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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found our little treasure," replied old Mr. Silverton. He picked her up and, holding her aloft, showed her to her anxious mother, who came hurrying on the scene.
" Don't shiver so, dearie," exclaimed Mrs. Silver-ton, passionately embracing the child, as hot tears dropped on her daughters face. " You must be perished with cold, but this nice sunshine which has come out now will do you good."
" I didn't feel cold. It was quite nice and warm under the snow as you said, Mother—and so wonderful!"
Davis carried her home in triumph at the head of the procession; and after precautionary remedies had been taken, Rosella sat cosily tucked up in the big arm-chair in front of the huge log fire, thinking over all she had seen. Of course she confessed to her temptation to go astray, and was readily forgiven. Then, as Mr. Silverton insisted he had never in his life been any one else but himself, Rosella gaily re­counted her meeting with the Snow Man at his Snow Castle. "And King Frost said, Grandfather," concluded Rosella, "that the credit of the Castle was his for providing the snow and not yours."
" Bless my soul!" cried old Mr. Silverton. " And he was right there, because I've had nothing to do with any Snow Castle or any Snow Man—there was some talk, but nothing came of it."
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