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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" But I was King Frost's visitor there, don't you see," insisted Rosella, smiling. " So I know that's only one of your jokes, Grandfather."
He smiled too and wiped his spectacles.
The next morning Rosella volunteered to fetch her grandfather and introduce him to King Frost. So the two climbed the hill. But no vestige of Snow Castle or Snow Man was there.
" There, you see!" said her grandfather, laughing, as he genially patted her on the cheek. How cold his hand felt! It nipped her with cold, so that she shivered. Yet the weather had changed, and it was more like a sunny day in spring than in midwinter.
She left old Mr. Silverton at his gate, and he assured her with a kiss that he wasn't a bit disap­pointed at the wonderful disappearance, but that it was all certainly a very remarkable affair indeed.
Rosella thought so too. Then she turned and walked thoughtfully home.
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