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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Tabiatha, the new kitten, cosily reposing in her new basket under the table. " Aha ! Poultry !" mewed Tabiatha, lying low, opening a lazy but watchful eye, and gazing upwards. " Bless my tail! You're a tender morsel, I'll be bound—small, but a tit-bit!" So thought the kitten, with an increasing feeling of longing in the chest. It had sounded to Tabiatha like an echo of the call she had heard so recently in the lane near the old farm at home.
" I don't want to pop out any more!" said the Cuckoo after re-entering the Clock-House. " I'm bored to tears ! " And it settled down in a corner and looked very melancholy. " What with that horrid boy, Robert, lurking about—and now a kitten of all things ! Why, life's not worth the living! If ever I do pop out again, I should like to pop out for good and all—stretch my wings and fly away, right away, and see something of the world!"
" Work! That's the cure for all woes!"solemnly ticked the pendulum. " Look at me, I'm always at it, with a good swinging stride." The hands didn't explain their views—they were keeping far apart, and were not on speaking terms. "Every one is expected to do his duty," urged the pen­dulum.
" That was only meant for one day—not morn-
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