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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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ing, noon, and night," argued the Cuckoo. " It's all very well for a wagtail like you—but for a Cuckoo with a soul above it—especially with a fine, well-trained voice!"
" Every one must do his duty at all times. Yes, look at me—but I fear you can't see me. Do you follow me ?" asked the pendulum jokingly. Getting no reply, it ticked-tacked on, until the Cuckoo felt quite distracted.
" Listen to me, children," said their mother, en­tering the nursery, when playtime had begun; " Nurse has gone to lie down. She isn't very well this afternoon. So at four o'clock put everything away neatly ; then make yourselves tidy, and come downstairs, where you may have tea with me."
Robert and Lucy said they were sorry for Nurse, but they smiled, and hopped about with delight at the treat of tea downstairs. They promised to do as they were told, and with muffled footsteps hurried on the landing to open the gate and let their mother out of their domain, and quietly closed it to keep themselves in. Then they settled down in the nursery to " Loto ; " but as Lucy always won, Robert tired of it. Card houses didn't answer either, because it amused Robert not to build them, but to shake the table when Lucy's structures were in course of erection.
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