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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Their mother, busily writing in the drawing-room, began to wonder why the children didn't come downstairs ; and tea was just being brought in, when suddenly screams and cries were heard issuing from the nursery, and she rushed upstairs in alarm.
There she found the nursery littered with things, chairs in unusual places, some overturned, and Lucy lying on the floor crying, with a cut on her lip, which was bleeding. Robert had both stockings torn, and was ruefully rubbing his knees. The little girl was more frightened than hurt.
" Whatever has happened, Robert ?" exclaimed their mother as she helped Lucy to her feet, and comforted her.
" I was hunting," he began to explain," and she was the gazelle, and I was chasing her from rock to rock------"
" Jumping from the table on to the chairs and back again," added Lucy in further explanation, " and we both tumbled down ! "
" Serve you both right for being so disobedient as to jump on the furniture," replied their mother, with placid satisfaction that matters were no worse. " You ought to have been all tidied up, and down­stairs by now."
" It isn't time yet, surely, Mother ! " The three turned instinctively towards the Cuckoo clock. It had stopped at three minutes to four.
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