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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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downwards with her weight until it deposited her gently on the ground, greatly to her surprise. Again she scrambled up the furniture in the same way. Her paw was now on both chains. Suddenly something swung backwards and forwards—
Tabiatha was for the moment dismayed, and, arching her back, she stood rooted to the spot. , Tic—tac!
It came unpleasantly close to her, nearly touching her nose each time, but she never budged an inch. Whr-r-r-r-r!
Cue—koo ! Cue—koo ! Cue—koo ! Cue------
Tabiatha, rising to the occasion, and quick to seize an opportunity or anything else, took her last and only chance. She seized the poultry with both paws—Crack! Snap! She lost her balance and fell down, down, on to the cushioned chair. The Cuckoo flew into the air, alighted on Tabiatha's back, and bounded on to the ground. Tabiatha forgot at once her escape from breaking her neck, sprang after the Cuckoo lying there, turned it over, paused, sniffed, found to her surprise that it was not good to eat, that it hadn't even feathers, and was only made of wood, turned it over again, and began tapping it and pouncing on it until, suddenly forgetting all about it, she cantered away sideways with her tail curling in the air. She jumped into
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