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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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her basket, rolled herself up, soon purred herself fast asleep, and looked the very picture of helpless innocence.
The Cuckoo, out in the world at last, having recovered from its first alarm at the useless stiffness of its wings, waited for something to happen. As nothing did happen, it thought the world a very dull and stupid place, and concluded that, after all, work was better than lying there helpless, idle, motionless, and ridiculous. What was the use of its trained voice now ? It couldn't articulate a sound even to summon help. It had no idea of the time, but the sun was shining brightly when at last it found itself carefully lifted and placed on a higher level.
When Lucy entered the nursery that morning, soon after Robert, he exclaimed—
" I say, Lucy ! There's something fresh for breakfast. Look on your plate ! "
" Oh, my poor Cuckoo! " she cried in distress. " You've shot it at last. You bad boy—I shan't love you ever any more ! "
But she did love him at once again, for it was a fact that no one knew how ever the Cuckoo came to be lying on the floor in the remote corner where Nurse had picked it up. The cushioned chair was in its place again—a long way off the clock. Every one was mystified, and could not imagine how it had
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