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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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feet in their high-heeled shoes. " Whisper to me !" she coaxed ; " or," with a pretty shake of the crook, " I'll not let you pass !"
Little Love might have been deaf, looking neither to the right nor to the left, so uncon­cernedly did he continue his way stolidly on to meet the procession of the King.
Countess Spinx bit her lip in vexation; the other ladies merely shrugged their shoulders and laughed; and the gentlemen stroked their mouths to hide their smiles. Then all conversation was smothered by the entry of the heralds with their raised silver trumpets and their—
Par—parraparpar—pip—ha ! Par—parraparpar—paarr !
This was immediately followed by the entry of King Jorum holding Little Love by the hand. The whole company bowed and curtsied very low —and then stood at attention, breathless with ex­pectation.
King Jorum was a very big man, with a very big smile, and very big woollen boots. He always wore woollen boots because, being his own Com­mander-in-chief, he liked to stand at ease. So he said, naturally in a very big voice—
" According to my promise it is now my pleasure to announce to my Court here assembled my de­cision with regard to your future Queen. After
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