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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Eh, what's that ? Put on this other boot for me "—he unfastened it from the tree. " Ha ! that's very smart. Very attentive of the dear Countess. Now show him in !"
The two young Princesses had not made their appearance for the proclamation. They, as well as Little Love, had been in the King's confidence, and they did not intend to be present. However, as the hour of the revels was fast approaching, Veronica feared that her sister would be late as usual, so she took her last glance at herself in the mirror, tightened the blue ribbon that was threaded through her fair hair, tucked a pale rose in the blue sash of her high-waisted, white muslin frock, and flitted off happily to Christobel's room.
" Come in!" said a not very amiable voice in response to the light tap. " Oh, it's you, is it?"
" Can I help you, as you have no maid ?"
Princess Christobel's room was by no means tidy. " I don't want any help," she replied un­graciously, moving some of the garments that littered the bed, " but you can sit down there, if you like, next to the ■ Shah of Persia.'"
Veronica took the place indicated next to the sweetest little blue Persian kitten that was curled up fast asleep on the coverlet.
" I like your new frock, Veronica," continued
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