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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Christobel, surveying her sister as she pinned up her black hair without troubling even to do it before a glass ; " but you look pretty in anything. If you didn't, no one would trouble to pet you. No one ever fusses over me."
" Papa does, for one."
" Only because he thinks it's his duty."
" I would if you'd let me."
" Oh yes. You'd be very pleased if I'd let you hang about me—an ugly girl can't show to much advantage next to a pretty one. I know your little game."
" Oh, Christobel! How can you say such un­kind, unjust things ?' protested poor Veronica with a sob.
"If you want to cry," said Christobel crossly, " you shouldn't do so until you go to sleep. You cry so easily; and then your bright eyes look heavy, and your aquiline nose gets red, and the whole Castle gets upset about them. Who cares if my eyes are red ?"
" Every one, of course. Besides, one's looks aren't everything."
" I know differently. Looks are everything. But I don't care if people trouble about me or not, or anything they do, or think, or say !"
" What are you putting on, Christobel ? Not that, surely!"
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