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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Prince Olivin is here ! Papa has sent for me."
" You might have told me he was coming," replied Christobel, turning pale.
" But I never knew, indeed." Her sister had turned away, and Little Love was leading Veronica towards the antechamber.
It seemed to Princess Christobel as though every face in the ball-room was a mask, and behind that mask were eyes that gleamed with mockery—that she had only to turn her back, and ringers of scorn and derision would mark her passage—and she turned and fled, never pausing in her course through the long passages and up the marble stairway until she was back in her room, where she flung the poor Shah and herself on the bed and burst into a torrent of tears and lamentations in her loneliness, disap­pointment, and jealousy. The kitten, too, looked unusually blue, and mewed disconsolately—felt bored, then purred, stretched its little self on the coverlet, and fell asleep again. Before long the sound of the heralds' silver trumpets pierced right up into Christobel's ears—
Par—parraparpar—pip—ha ! Par—parraparpar—paar—r /
And she knew that the engagement was then being announced of Princess Veronica to Prince
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