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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Olivin; and the strains of the Waltz of the Affianced which followed, played by the Court musicians, confirmed the fact.
How long she remained thus in the dark she did not know. Sounds of an angry voice roused her from her stupor, and she went out into the brilliantly lighted corridor, shading her eyes from the glare, the scent of flowers and the soft strains of music becoming more noticeable as she ap­proached the stairway whence the voices pro­ceeded—one of which she could now distinguish as being that of her sister. She peeped over the banisters, and saw, standing close beside Veronica, Countess Spinx, white with suppressed passion.
"You knew," hissed the Countess, "that there was to be no Queen."
" I and my sister knew. Yes. Let me pass; I don't know what's become of her. I want to fetch her."
" You might have told it to your old friend. You are looking radiantly beautiful to-night."
" I am very happy."
" Happy with your betrothed ?"
" Listen ! Did you know that every one said / had the best chance of being Queen ?"
" You !" exclaimed the young Princess in as­tonishment. " Fancy young you my stepmother ! "
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