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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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not a soul who would hurt my pretty darling. You have enemies. She has none."
" She was happy. Others were not. Countess Spinx was in a fury of disappointment at not being chosen Queen. She flung poor Veronica down in spite and malice. I saw her do it."
The King bounded up. " Summon the Countess!" he cried.
Before her Christobel repeated her accusation, and Countess Spinx tried to assert she only put out her arms to save the unfortunate Princess from slipping. Further questioned, she got confused, contradicted herself, and finally sunk on her knees and prayed for mercy.
" To the cells ! " shouted the King, and his eyes falling on his jewelled boots, he hastily tore them off and threw them after her as she was carried away.
When, next day, poor little Princess Veronica recovered consciousness and was free from pain she asked for her sister, who came quickly to her side.
" Have you heard," asked Veronica faintly, " that III am maimed for life ? With a broken nose and scarred face I shall not only be ugly but repulsive."
" Poor Veronica! You will then be on the same level with me in the future. How you will miss all the petting, all the love !"
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