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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" I suppose my life is spoilt. And when I had beauty, I thought of it and prized it so little. But won't you love me, Christobel ?"
" Yes, I will now."
" Why only now ?"
" Because I shall always feel sorry for you—I have never felt sorry for any one but myself before —and I shall love you heaps and heaps."
" Don't you think others may feel sorry for me, too ?—Poor Prince Olivin ! Poor me ! " she added with a little moan.
Christobel shook her head sadly. " Beauty is everything ! You will understand that now."
No limbs were broken, and in a couple of days Princess Veronica, with her head and face veiled in white lace, was able to receive some visits of sympathy in her misfortune.
King Jorum was inconsolable, and whenever he came out of the invalid's room he would vow terrible threats of vengeance on Countess Spinx, who was trembling for her spiteful life in the cells.
On the third night after the Christmas festivities had been brought to their sudden and tragic close, Princess Christobel dreamed such a vivid dream that it awakened her. She dreamed that Little Love, who avoided her whenever he could, came smilingly up to her, kissed her hand, and raising a letter he held, showed, with a look of triumph which
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