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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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excitement went through the assembly—Princess Veronica stood on the threshold in white muslin and blue. Her face showed no trace of scars ; but her nose! Her nose was unrecognisable. It was no more aquiline, but tip-tilted—the sweetest little turned-up feature imaginable, and her appearance had actually gained: Princess Veronica had be­come the loveliest lady in the land!
After being locked in her father's arms Veronica found herself suddenly in those of her lover. King Jorum was frantic with delight. He called for Doctor Quick and made him Lord High Druggist of his Majesty's dominions, with all the appan­ages, endowments, privileges, and perquisites apper­taining to the office. He showered honours on every physician on or near the premises. He talked of bonfires, and of honours, and tiaras all round, until he was hoarse. Then Princess Chris-tobel appeared in white muslin and red ribbons, and there were cheers for her animated appearance and her kind expression as she gracefully returned their greeting. " Father," she said, drawing him on one side, " Veronica is asking for Countess Spinx. May I—may I tell the prisoner that now all is well she is forgiven ? " King Jorum shook his head vigorously, although he was too happy to do anything but smile all the time. " She has been in the cells for ever so long," pleaded Christobel, and
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