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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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put up his arms above his head to break into a mighty yawn, he suddenly cried—
" I have it! That's it! She has realised the old theme of Peace and Goodwill, as is proper at this time of year, and has turned over a new leaf! Bravo ! " And he turned himself over, snored, and overslept himself.
So the first day of the New Year opened in complete harmony at the Court of King Jorum. And when the Duke of Rosenleaf asked Princess Christobel if she would make the Happy New Year a happy one for him, she smiled and blush-ingly allowed him to place the prettiest of diamond rings on her finger.
And the New Year was still in its youth when the two young Princesses were married. And by the time that the Shah of Persia's great-great-grand-kittens were gambolling about the palace, it had become a frequent and pleasant subject for argument and debate throughout the kingdom— " Who is the most charming and lovable woman in the land, Christobel or Veronica ?"
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