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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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as he strolled towards the window. "Look at that's legs."
" Which's ?" inquired Norah, gazing in the direc­tion he pointed.
" Them's."
" What's ? " she asked eagerly, looking around.
" None! Well, you are an April fool!" ex­claimed Wilfrid with scornful glee as he resumed his seat; " that's the second time to-day ! "
" And you're a very rude boy, and you're not allowed to call me horrid names like that," said Norah with dignity; "and I won't be teased always."
With a very offended look, she set to work on her copy-book.
"Lend me your paint-box when we've finished our lessons, will you, Norah dear ?" said Wilfrid, after a short pause.
" I can't," she replied, without looking up.
" Why ?"
" I don't know why, but I can't."
" Cat in the manger ! You've got nothing you want to paint, as I have."
There was a longer pause, during which they both scribbled away, and scratched, and spluttered, whilst their tongues moved silently from side to side outside their parted lips, left to right, follow­ing the direction of each new line.
Then Norah heaved a sigh and remarked—
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