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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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would like to wear. " If only I had a fairy god­mother, I------"
" Rubbish ! " exclaimed Wilfrid, growing cross, and frowning as he watched her moving restlessly about the room.
" I—of course, I wouldn't refuse her anything. Fairy godmothers generally appear at first dis­guised as old women, and ask for something, such as a drink of water, or beg you to carry a load of wood or whatever they happen to have in hand. So I should be ready to do anything and give anything, and earn my big reward."
" Oh, shurrup ! " growled her brother. " Much better lend me your paint-box."
But she didn't hear him; taken up with her fancies she continued excitedly—
" I know what I'll do. I'll try and tempt her to come. Perhaps I may even have a fairy god­mother without knowing it! "
And she began to dance about, singing—
" Tra-la-la, fairy godmother, Come to me now, I pray ; Visit a little girl who is longing for you And will do anything you want. Tra-la-la, fairy godmother, come."
It wasn't very good poetry, but Norah hadn't
time to polish it up.
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