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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Oh, I say ! How can I do my lessons with all this going on ?" exclaimed Wilfrid. And flinging his things together he bounced out of the room and banged the door behind him.
Norah wasn't sorry he was gone, and danced once more all round the room singing; then knelt down, and, stretching out her arms towards the crocuses which were so stiff and upright in their indifference, she said plaintively—
" Come, dear fairy godmother, I want you !"
And lo! between Norah and the window there suddenly appeared a little old woman in a long cloak, whose features were hidden by the large hood she wore.
" Oh !" exclaimed Norah, almost breathless in her astonishment and delight.
" I have come," said the stranger in cracked, quavering tones.
"I'm so glad to see you," replied Norah politely, too excited to feel shy.
" I—your fairy godmother—am here to test you and see if you are really worthy. See this slate which I have brought under my cloak. Every little lady should be able to do arithmetic right. Can you do this sum ? "
" How funny, godmother dear!" said Norah, looking at it. " We are just learning these. It's a difficult one, but I'll try."
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