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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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In a few moments she had done the sum and proved it correct.
" Very good," said the fairy, with a grunt of satisfaction.
" Will you take a drink of water ?" now asked the hospitable Norah eagerly. " Do."
" No, thank you. But I may take something else. Tell me, what of all your treasures do you like most ?"
" Oh, my paint-box ! "
" I knew it; I am glad you tell the truth."
" How did you know it ?" asked Norah in surprise.
" I am your fairy godmother. I'll take that paint-box, please."
Norah brought it and gave it to her with the greatest pleasure, and pressingly inquired if she might carry anything anywhere. But that was not required. Then she stood waiting expectantly. And her heart seemed to turn a somersault of delight when her fairy godmother spoke the following words:—
" I am satisfied. Now you may wish for what­ever you like. But you must make up your mind before I count three."
Norah's eyes had followed her glance at the clock, which pointed to one minute to three; but her mind, from the flutter of excitement she was in, became a complete blank.
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