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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" One ! " said the fairy solemnly.
This brought the little goddaughter to her senses, and she began to mutter confusedly—
" Shall I wish for a gold carriage, like Cinderella's, or a pet lamb, with a blue ribbon and a bell round its neck, or a frock embroidered in diamonds, or-----"
" Two ! " said the fairy.
" No," murmured Norah hurriedly. " If I were a queen, I could order those things and everything else. I wish"—the clock struck three—" I were a-----"
" Three ! " called out the fairy.
"-----a Queen!" screamed Norah, just the
second after.
" Too late ! " said the fairy. " Farewell! " And she moved towards the door.
Norah's eyes rilled with tears. " Please come back ! " she pleaded.
" I can't."
" Oh, why can't you ?"
" I don't know why, but I can't," replied the little old woman.
This sounded strangely in Norah's ears, and what sounded stranger still were the next words she heard uttered ; these were simply—
" Thanks, awfully ! "
Then Norah exclaimed at once, " That's Wilfrid's voice !" She pushed aside the hood. " Why, you're Wilfrid !" she cried, amazed.
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