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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" And you're April Billy !" he shouted with glee, throwing off the long cloak. " You said you'd do anything and give anything for a reward, and now you've had to do so without one ! " And, bursting out laughing, he ran off with the sum and the paint-box.
Norah sat down on a footstool and burst out crying. She was angry and disappointed, and she sobbed bitterly as she thought how she had been tricked into doing Wilfrid's horrid sum, how she had been made to give away her treasured paint-box which he had envied for months, and, worst of all a thousand times, how she had no fairy godmother after all!
But Norah was a plucky little girl, and at times a wise little girl. And, moreover, she had a sort of feeling that it all served her right for being silly, and dissatisfied, and too selfish to lend her paint-box. Wilfrid certainly was a tease, but he was really a dear good brother, and always lent her his things, and did his best to champion her and get her out of a scrape. Still, she felt she would like to pay him out, all the same—he'd had such a lovely time being fairy godmother!
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