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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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So she decided, like the weather, that it was not grown-up to cry, and she dried her eyes. Then all at once she smiled and laughed outright. For an idea had come to her, which she proceeded to carry out. She certainly began to do some rather queer things.
First of all she took oft her shoes and stockings. Then she untied the pink ribbon which kept her hair tidy, so that her curls fell in a towsled mass about her flushed cheeks. Next she took off her pink overall pinafore, which she hid away; and gathering her white frock over her head, displayed a short red-and-white striped petticoat.
Running quickly about the room she took all the violets from the vases, strewed some of them in the fold of her frock, which she held together in one hand, and put together a large bunch of the flowers for her other hand.
Then she stepped through the open window, threw some sand upon her feet and ankles, and thus prepared, stood on the path outside, looked in, and waited.
Very soon Wilfrid burst into the room, ex­claiming—
" Come and look at the healthy colour I've painted on your big doll's pale cheeks. Oh, Norah !" he added, looking round the empty room.
And now he became conscious of a little flower-
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