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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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girl standing on the garden path, and piteously offering him a bunch of violets.
Norah had heard what he had said, and felt vexed that he had dared to touch her big doll; still, she had not the affection for that stately lady that she had for the small invalid doll with the broken leg, so she only said—
" Buy a bunch of violets, sir ?"
He was a tender-hearted boy, and at once fetched down his money-box from a shelf in the cup­board, unlocked it, and took out twopence which he gave her ; but then he felt awkward and refused the flowers.
An organ in the street started playing.
" I can dance to that if you can pay," said the little girl thoughtfully, eyeing the money­box.
" How much do you want ?" he asked.
" Three shillings," she replied boldly.
" That's all I've got."
" That'll do, then," she said; "I want it so badly."
" Yes, but-----"
Not heeding his protests, she stole into the room and began to dance to the organ, as she had seen the poor children do in the streets, her little bare feet twirling up slowly and descending with mea­sured steps on to the soft carpet.
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