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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Oh, I say ! " soon exclaimed Wilfrid with dis­satisfaction ; " my sister Norah can dance better than that, for nothing !"
Nevertheless, he felt bound to empty his money­box into the hand she now held out.
Solemnly she made him a little bob of a curtsey. Then she began to caper about the room in a very difFerent sort of spirit. And then, catching hold of the astonished boy round the neck, she kissed him.
"Hi! Shurrup!" cried Wilfrid, disengaging him­self and looking sheepish.
" Oh, you April goose ! " sang Norah ; " April goose—you're an April goose, Master Wilfrid!" And she uncovered her head and shook back her curls.
" Halloa !" exclaimed Wilfrid, ruefully at first, and then added more cheerily—
" Ha ! Do you think I didn't know you all the time ?"
" Did you really ?" inquired his sister, her eyes wide open with surprise.
" No, I didn't," he replied curtly.
Then Norah's arm stole round her brother's neck, and she put the money into his pocket, and told him gently that she had only wanted to have a little bit of fun, and he was welcome to use her paint-box —only please not on her dolls.
Then Wilfrid told her that she was a jolly good
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