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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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In a bright nursery, hung with pictures, the table was laid for tea. Upon an iron tray, which had seen much service—even military service, as a drum used by the nursery band—stood the tea-set. This set included a very large cup which belonged to Nurse, bearing the funny inscription, " I am not greedy, but I like a lot." The other cups were also lettered in gold. One hailed, it declared, " From Margate," and showed the pier as a proof. Another, a small one made of porcelain, wished " Many Happy Re­turns to Efrie" every time she looked at it. A thick, fat cup proclaimed itself "A Present to Daniel," and a mug bore the perpetual reminder that it was " For a Good Boy "—but it was cracked, so it didn't look quite happy, perhaps because the reminder was not always capable of keeping the boy good.
The Kettle completed the party, but sat com­fortably on the warm hob next the fire, drowsily singing snatches of song, in the knowledge of hav­ing done his duty in giving the thirsty Teapot a drink of water. So all was ready for tea except the children. Nurse had gone to collect them, when
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