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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" It's disgraceful to go on like this ! " complained the Milk-jug, looking rather broken-down about the handle.
"Ah!" said the Teapot with a sneer, "when one only dates from 1887, and hasn't a handle to one's back, one should retire to the seclusion of the cup­board, and remain there as a curio."
" There was once a Jubilee Jug-gins, Jug-jug-juggins,"
hummed the Kettle.
" Poor old crock !" said the Sugar-basin sweetly, melting with pity through all her composition. For she was his inseparable companion, and knew that the Milk-jug was full of human kindness, and useful still.
" Never mind the quarrelling, darlings," whispered the gentlemanly Spoons to their lady friends, whom they had taken in to tea, " we will protect you."
" Upon my word ! " exclaimed she from Margate, " I'm glad /was not born in China. Where I come from rudeness is unknown."
The Kettle took up the idea and sang gaily—
"They're pottery, porcelain, colour, and gold, They come from the china shop, Where crockery's bought, and the customer's sold, And the Bull galloped in so angry and bold, And when the poor, terrified shopkeeper told Him to go, he did nothing but stop." 26l
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