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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" You ought to have a will of iron if you're made of the right stuff," she continued, addressing the Tray; " you ought to keep order, but you say nothing and do less."
" You see, he's only a waiter—slow and un­polished," added the Teapot spitefully.
" My view, if I may express it—" broke in the Cup from Margate.
" When I want your view, either of Margate or of politeness," retorted the Tray, interrupting the remark, " I'll ask for it. If I'd the chance I'd drop the whole lot of you, and get friendly with a new set, that I would ! "
Whereupon the irrepressible Kettle chirruped—
" Then he'd pay the expense of the mender's bill— The mender is Doctor, you see—
Who makes out an order,
A matter of sawder And rivets, cement, and a fee."
" You're always brewing mischief!" said Nurse's Cup angrily to the Teapot; " there'll be no peace for any of us where you are."
" That's true !" screamed out the little Tea-leaves inside the pot; " he's always getting us into hot water."
" I'll draw the tannin out of the whole ounce of you! You're about as sensible as mortals who haven't the wit to understand us. But when we go
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