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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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cracked like Muggins over there, or stony broke like the Juggins next to him, or get smashed up alto­gether with age or lack of care, they take notice of us at last, and then there is a mighty fine fuss."
At this the Kettle, getting somewhat out of breath from his exertions, bubbled out in a high key—
" They're Wedgwood, Staffordshire, Japanese too, They're a breakable lot, we know ;
When any one cracks any,
Chelsea or Saxony, Dresden, or Worcester, or Bow,
They make as much shindy
As if a big windy Was shivered to bits by a blow."
The Teapot went on : " Those people are amusing, too; they think we ought to last for ever, when they can't do it themselves."
" A couple of chatterpots!" exclaimed the Nurse's Cup. " Dear me! What with your spouting, and his showing off once he begins to sing, you're enough to wear one out!"
" Deal' you, indeed! " returned the Teapot; " cheap you ! Why, you were given away with a pound of tea ! Shouldn't be surprised at all! " he continued, watching Nurse's Cup become speech­less with indignation. " But, spouting aside, I could tell you a thing or two."
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