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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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no reply, he added, " I presume that your plum­bago is better."
The Kettle was now puffing and spitting to such a degree that it was difficult to imagine he was the same jolly fellow who had been singing so good-temperedly all the time.
And the Teapot was content. He had gained his object, and the whole set felt as though they had been wiped the wrong way, when suddenly noisy voices were heard outside.
The nursery door was opened, and in burst Fred, home from Margate School, followed by gentle little Effie; and Nurse, vigorously protesting at being pushed forward in jerks by Bob. Poor, long-suffering Nurse, as usual, was not having at all a good time with the three troublesome boys. Daniel had clambered on her back, and was trying to pull off her cap. Bob—who was not nearly such " A Good Boy " as his mug pretended—slily untied her apron-strings. The apron dropped, and Nurse tripped over it, jerking Daniel on to the floor; and she would have fallen too had she not just saved herself by clutching the table.
" Cr-cr-crikey ! " clattered the China on the tray in alarm.
" Bless those boys !" cried Nurse, as she re­placed her apron; but they only laughed. Effie was helping to put her cap straight when the
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