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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Kettle, unable to contain his feelings any longer, marked his indignation by hissing disapproval and then boiling over. Nurse rushed to his aid, and altered his position so that he couldn't see all that went on. He recovered himself at once.
Bustling into their chairs, they all sat down to tea, and at the sudden action the whole tea-set rattled to arms, some standing at attention. The Spoons, stirred by the children's hands, began knocking the sides of the Cups, dealing them blows right and left, and ringing out their resounding protests.
" Here's a ' stranger'!" exclaimed Effie, taking a tea-leaf out of her cup. " Who will it be ?"
" A horrid foreigner, miss—a little black Indian," replied the Teapot, turning up his spout with scorn, and giving a vicious squeeze to the others he held prisoners.
" I know who it is!" said Bob, tilting back his chair, then suddenly steadying himself by grasping the table. This was a troublesome habit of his, which drew Nurse's usual reminder.
" What's his name ?" asked the others eagerly.
" /know—it's a secret," replied Bob mysteriously.
At this a loud argument began.
"My lid ! Who's making the noise now ?" the Teapot cried. " Pray don't upset your precious selves."
" I think it must be Mr. Manners who is the
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