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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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stranger," exclaimed Nurse, putting her hands to her ears to shut out the tumult.
" No !" shouted Bob. " I'll tell you—his name's Mr. Tea-leaf! " And he laughed triumphantly.
As the other children raised their voices to declare it was very unfair, Bob swung back on his chair again.
" Oh !" screamed Nurse in a fright, making a grab at the table. But she was too late !
Bob had already made a grab at it when, with a Swish! Bang! he tumbled over backwards, dragging the cloth with him, and everything upon it. And the crockery lay around, all broken to atoms!
In the moment of hushed alarm that followed, the Tray rolled away, exclaiming in triumph : " I've got rid of them at last! I said I would when I got the chance !" And the Kettle, gazing at the wreckage, sang on serenely and merrily—
" There's been such a fuss, such a storm has been brewed, There's no cups for the tea, and no plates for the food ; The cleverest doctor may puzzle his wits, But he never can gather and rivet the bits! "
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