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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Not very far now, Doctor," he remarked to the friend who sat next to him. " Home soon, Tood-leums," he added, turning towards a big bundle of shawls at the back of the carriage.
" I'm in no hurry, Papa," replied a childish voice ; " I call this lovely ! "
" Quite warm, eh ? "
" Quite, thank you, Papa."
The bundle, answering to the name of Toodleums, was Monica—her father's constant companion. She was an only child. Her mother had always been delicate, and Monica was not allowed to be much with her. She even forgot that the invalid at home was ailing rather more than usual to-day, and that their long drive was to fetch her old friend the Doctor for his opinion, for she was listening with so much in­terest to an explanation which her father was giving of the new airship he had invented. He was still describing his successful trial trip, when Monica noticed that the moon and stars seemed to have assembled all at once to make a night of it. Never before had she driven out after dark, and soon she became all absorbed, in a state of muffled-up rapture, at the unusual sights and aspect of mystery about.
" Hi! Toodleums, do you hear ? What do you say to going up with me in my airship next time I go ? Will you come ? "
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