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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Yes, yes," she answered eagerly ; " I'll come, Papa."
" You're not afraid of bumping up against the moon ?" asked the doctor playfully, leaning over to pat her cheek. And both gentlemen laughed. Monica didn't answer. She didn't know if she was being made fun of or not.
At last they were in the hall at home, amidst the lights and bustling of the servants. As no one seemed to notice her, Monica took herself up to the nursery. She had dressed there near the fire, and the boxes and things had not been tidied away. Monica stared around, thinking this very unusual, and was just beginning to feel uncomfortably lonely when a little wrinkled old woman with very bright eyes hurriedly trotted in.
" Oh, Grandnurse," exclaimed Monica, " no one is looking after me. How's Mamma ? "
" Much better, Dearie. But I'm wanted down≠stairs ; can you spare me, Poppets ? Put yourself to bed, and I'll be back directly with your hot milk." Without waiting for an answer she bustled into the adjoining night nursery, where Monica heard her busily opening and shutting the great cup≠boards.
The cheery old body was called Grandnurse be≠cause she had been in the family for ever so longó so long as to have become, as it were, a member of
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