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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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it. Passing through the nursery again she stopped and said—
" What would my Poppets say to a little sister, I wonder ! A tiny new baby ! "
" Oh, Grandnurse !" And before the old woman could hurry out of the door Monica sprang forward, her face all aglow with excitement, and holding her tight by the arm cried all in a breath—
" Is it true ? Where is it ? When's it coming ? Who's going to bring it ? "
" Patience; I cant wait now. Let me go, Dearie," said Grandnurse, disengaging herself from the little girl.
" But is it true ? "
" Quite true."
" What will it come in ? "
" A bandbox, of course," answered Grandnurse, laughing gaily as she went out of the room.
" Can I fetch it ? When can I fetch it ? " per­sisted Monica, following her downstairs.
" When there's a blue moon. Now go back, there's a dear."
" Yes, but who's going to bring it ?"
" Don't ask me—ask the man in the moon," said the little old woman over her shoulder in a hushed voice as she disappeared down a dark passage of the large house.
Monica, standing there, laughed a little scornful
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