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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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laugh. " Ask the man in the moon, indeed ! " she muttered. " As though there were one ! She often says that, but I'm not so silly as to believe it." And full of thought of the new little sister she re­entered the nursery.
The heavy curtains had not been drawn, and the moon was looking at her just as it had done during the drive. How lovely it was, that drive! She went to the large window seat and curled herself up in her favourite corner. Outside it looked so cold and white that she drew the curtain close around her with a little shiver.
"Can Grandnurse really think there is a man in the moon ?" pondered Monica as she gazed up at it; and confusedly she thought on: "I wonder if there is, after all. Can he be going to bring the baby ? I should so like to know, and when, or who is going to—I wish he'd tell me—perhaps if I were to ask—who spoke about bumping up against the moon ? Ah !! "
Monica had conceived a grand idea. Quietly she stole to the table, snatched up the empty hatbox which ought to have been tidied away, and then— and then she crept stealthily downstairs—every­thing was quiet—stealthily out into the night she went. Now she was in the great shed, where the airship was—quite an old friend. She had seen her father start on his journey in it, and had heard it all
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