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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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going to ask the Man in the Moon to be kind enough to give her the new baby she had come to fetch.
How cold and crisp the air was! Monica was glad to have on her coat and cap of fur. Higher, higher she went until she lost consciousness of every­thing except the cold and a sense of loneliness.
And the airship rose upwards, upwards, carrying its pretty burden with eyes fast closed, and the curly brown head lay helplessly low, supported by the staring white empty bandbox.
Bump! There was a crunching noise as of car­riage wheels on a gravel path. The airship was aground on something, and Monica realised she must get her wits about her. She quickly pushed back the lever thing and the noise ceased, the move­ment also.
In the brilliant light, like sunlight, Monica saw she had alighted on some rocks, whilst round about was nothing but mountains, craters, caverns, and awful stillness. There was not a creature about, nor a sign of anything living. It was dreary to a degree.
" Wherever am I ?" exclaimed little Monica. She scrambled out of the car, and slung the bandbox on her arm—somehow there was company in that. Above her a moon was shining—not the moon she was accustomed to see, but one about four times
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