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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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larger, as though suffering from a swollen face, with a pattern on it like the map of Europe.
" That does look queer," she muttered aloud. " Bumped against the moon !" she thought to her­self unconsciously. For now she remembered her father having told her what the earth must look like from there; and she realised that she had reached her destination, and was actually walking about in the moon, and that the larger moon was really the earth. This fact was so exciting that she sat down to consider it, enjoy its importance, and decide what to do.
She determined to go on, and so she rose and went gaily forward, the bandbox swinging from her arm. But it was very difficult walking, steep and rocky.
At last she found herself in a large plain of broken stones—" much in want of a steam roller," thought Monica as she bravely hobbled along—and all around were caves.
Out of the largest one of these there emerged a tall and majestic figure, which, to her astonishment, slowly glided sideways towards her, wrapped in a cloudy drapery. Then Monica was convinced ; and she no longer had any doubt whatever but that there was a Man in the Moon, and that this was he. So very slowly did he advance that she had plenty of time to recover from her surprise, and went for­ward to meet him and introduce herself.
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