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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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His steely blue eye had a peculiar cold beam in it as he said—
" I bid you unwelcome! Are you not frightened ?"
" No," replied the child. " Why should I be ? I've done no harm.''
" Do you call coming here no harm ?" All the time he never stopped still a second, but kept gloomily mooning about, his profile with its pro­truding nose and chin in sharp outline always turned towards her.
" I've come to—to fetch—" stammered Monica, chilled by her reception.
"You're a trespasser! You're evidently a poacher, too," he added, glancing angrily at the bandbox. " Begone!"
" But, please sir, do tell me-----"
With a warning gesture the Man slowly raised his arm till its cloud-like drapery hid his face, and he disappeared.
" Dear me! I don't like him a little bit!" murmured Monica, staring vacantly about, and found that where he had stood there was a big board on which in big letters was inscribed—
Trespassers will be Moonstruck.
By Order.
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