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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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At the sight of it Monica quickly took refuge in the smallest of the caves.
"Who are you ?" said a voice; and as soon as her eyes had become accustomed to the gloom she saw a queer creature resembling a great toad swathed in a long white beard.
" Whoever you are," said the quaint in­habitant, " I'm too blind to see you. Just lead me to the further corner, there's a good tres­passer."
Monica did not quite like being talked to like that, but she held out the bandbox and, supporting himself by it, her new acquaintance limped to where he was led and sat down.
" Thanks, and many of them. It's not so draughty here," he said.
" Have you been long in this cave ?" asked Monica.
" A few thousand years or so—I can't tell to a minute," he mumbled. " But who are you, my dear ? By birth, of course, a Lunarian, but not by accent."
Monica mentioned who she was. Whereupon he became quite talkative, and began telling her about the moon, but only what she had read in her lessen books.
" Have you a House of Parliament ?" she asked, anxious to glean useful information. She had
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