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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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recently been to hear her father speak in theirs at home, and was very proud of that.
" We've only a moonicipality, you know," said her strange companion, rambling on until he became quite drowsy. Emboldened by his kind manner, she told him why she had come, and begged for his advice. To her dismay the only reply she got was a series of the loudest snores she had ever heard. He was sound asleep.
" Do tell me what I had better do," she im­plored, and she shook and pinched him till he awoke.
" Get on the right side of him, and don't bother me," croaked the old creature, and snored louder than ever. Delighted at the hint, Monica came out on to the plain, and saw the Man gliding slowly on, sideways, as before. He frowned heavily on seeing her there, and seemed speechless with in­dignation.
" Get on the right side of him," repeated Monica to herself as she made a dart forward to do so. This proved unsuccessful, for just then he turned so blue that she stopped, wondering if he was getting a fit. Grandnurse's words, " When there's a blue moon," suddenly occurred to her, and she knew that now was her chance. She took courage in his slowness, and without looking at him a second time she rushed, stooping low, into a very small cave on the other side of him.
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