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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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had an order for one to be sent to your address to-day. We always forward to customers' houses. But people never come and fetch them. It's a most unheard-of proceeding !" added the little lady with a toss of her pretty head. " Where's your check ? "
"Cheque? Have I got to buy it? I've just spent all my money on a new doll," said Monica, her eyes filling with tears, " and now I might have bought the new baby instead !"
" We're on the check system here," said the little lady, smiling. " Come with me and I'll show you round, then you'll see what nonsense you're talking."
Monica brightened up, and they proceeded down a trim gravel path that had a moonstone wall on either side and a big door at the end.
" Who are you, please ?" asked Monica as they went along.
" Where you come from, clever people call me Selene. Here, I am the Gardeness.—Your pass check," she added in a business-like way. " To Order or Bearer—which do you want ? " The child hesitated. " You want to order a baby, I sup­pose ?" The Gardeness was becoming rather im­patient.
"Oh yes, I've come to fetch it."
" But you can't have a cheque to Order and Bearer at the same time."
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