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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Can't I ?" inquired Monica plaintively. " How can I take it, then ?"
" That will be my business," whispered her companion mysteriously; then added loudly : " The little ones are being checked in the Counting House now. Be quick, or the pick of the choice will be gone."
" To Order," faltered Monica.
Whereupon her companion pushed the great door, which swung open, and the quaint pair quickly passed through. " They are always on order," remarked the Gardeness as she led Monica up a high flight of steps, " but we forward them in our own way. Excuse my question; it was a matter of form."
Now they were in the loveliest garden ever seen, and Monica gave a little sob of delight as she noticed that all around about her in every flower nestled the dearest, wee-est little baby imaginable, whilst hundreds of tiny creatures were tending them, drying the dew-drops from their big round eyes, and turning their little bald heads for more air, all the while humming a refrain which Monica recognised as her Mother's favourite one, called the " Bee's Wedding."
At first she marvelled silently at the beauty of the scene. Then, as she basked in the pervading warmth, she remembered having been surprised at
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